Why We Are Better

RCP Organic Growers do two things that make our vegetables better. First, we use high quality soil that we produce ourselves. Second, we use special farming techniques that deliver higher nutritional value.  Additionally, we do not mass produce like other organic farmers. We grow only in small amounts so we can ensure that our organic food is actually what we promise it is – clean food high in nutritional value and free from chemicals.

We allow our customers to create a subscription so that you receive fresh vegetables throughout the growing season. Your subscription ensures that you receive our high-quality vegetables within hours of being picked. You create your subscription once, and we do the rest.  At RCP Organic Growers, we also ensure that our customers are kept up-to-date about the growing process as we tell them when the crop is ready to be harvested. Once the harvesting process is complete, we deliver the fresh produce within hours of being picked.

From our Garden to your Table, there is no middleman involved.

Finally, we are actively participating in the sustainable community movement. Our part will be to share the information we collect, both from our experiences, as well as the research that we perform. I am a software architect that has built software to support this effort. This software will facilitate the collection of the data to continue educating the community about what works and what does not work about the growing of vegetables, as well as growing a business.

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