Organic Produce Delivered Right to Your Home or Business


Treat yourself to a delectable fruit that arrives fresh from our local farm. At RCP Organic Growers, we provide deliveries of organic fruit in Fayetteville, GA, to many residences and businesses. Sink your teeth into Fayetteville local fruit and discover how delicious supporting small businesses can be. We strive to offer the best organically grown local fruits at the most competitive prices in the area.

When you buy organic fruit through us, you receive a delivery of freshly harvested produce right on your doorstep. Often the fruit is delivered the very same day it is picked, allowing you to savor your favorite fruits at peak flavor. We are happy to make deliveries to both homes and businesses, including restaurants and offices. Pack a piece of fruit into your lunch, use them as ingredients in your recipes, or leave them out in a fruit bowl for your employees to enjoy. No matter what varieties you order, you can rest assured that you are receiving all-natural, non-GMO fruit.


Cook with farm fresh veggies grown locally using all-natural methods. RCP Organic Growers delivers organic vegetables to homes and businesses in Fayetteville, GA. Experience the great tastes and textures of Fayetteville local vegetables by doing your produce shopping through our subscription program. Our company is dedicated to offering the most delicious organically grown local vegetables at competitive prices.

When you purchase your organic vegetables and fruits through us, you receive freshly picked produce with every order. Typically, our vegetables are put into your hands the same day they are harvested from our local farm. This allows you to enjoy your veggies at their peak flavor. Our produce is never frozen and never put onto a truck to travel cross-country. Once you taste the difference between our vegetables and what you find in your supermarket, you’ll never want to go back.

Whether you are cooking up our veggies for your family’s favorite meal or serving them in your restaurant’s famous dish, we strive to provide you cream of the crop produce. Everything we sell is all-natural, non-GMO, and undeniably delicious.